Passenger Wallet Tutorial

We openly share our tutorial videos with interested magicians, so there are no doubts as to what you're buying.

At its core, the Passenger Wallet relocates playing cards or billets from one section of the wallet to another. The origin of this underlying functionality can be traced back to Ed Brown’s “Window Wallet," which was later redesigned and popularized by Dave Bendix as the “Bendix Bombshell." The card-to-wallet routines included with these wallets—and the routine taught with the Passenger Wallet—were inspired by Ed Marlo.

Over the decades, several other wallets introduced new mechanics for ‘bombshell’ card-to-wallet sequences, including the “Pimpernel Notecase” by Peter Scarlett, the “Hip Pocket Bombshell” by Tony Miller, and “Orphic” by Lewis Le Val. Many standard Z-fold wallets also feature passthroughs that enable ‘bombshell’ capabilities.

The one-ahead structure utilized in the included routine was created by Bob Cassidy as “The Pocket Watch Premonition." Mr. Cassidy’s handling required a billet switch followed by a load—both of which are facilitated simply by closing and reopening the Passenger Wallet. This one-ahead structure has been further built upon by Looch, Elliott Bresler, and several others.

The Passenger Wallet would not exist without the groundbreaking work from these magicians and mentalists.