Transform lip balm into another object—bills, playing cards, liquid, candy sprinkles—literally anything that fits inside.

It's simple: this self-working gimmick allows you to change chapstick into another object—and back—at your full discretion. The unique and custom-engineered locking system allows you put the gimmick in the spectator's hand without fear of discovery. The magic happens in their hands and everything looks as it should.

◘ Dead simple to execute and fun to practice
◘ The gimmick locks and can be freely handled by the spectator
◘ Completely self-contained within the chapstick tube
◘ Includes pieces for three different colored chapstick gimmicks (one fully assembled)

Comes complete with fully assembled gimmick and additional pieces for three different chapstick flavors. Learn step-by-step in 8 minutes of crystal-clear instruction by Jeff Prace in a downloadable video.