An automatic mechanism intricately assembled inside of a house key.

MON-KEY reimagines a classic plot in magic: a house key is threaded onto an ordinary key ring, and they impossibly penetrate—all while being tightly held by the participant.

On the outside, it’s an entirely ordinary key. Inside, it’s crafted like a piece of fine jewelry. A full routine always ready among your keys. At the end, it is fully examinable.

◘ Ends in the participant’s hand and is fully examinable
◘ Completely self-contained on your key chain
◘ Self-working, locking gimmick with no loading, ditching, or switching
◘ Ready in your pocket with a quick, 10 second reset after each performance

Comes complete with custom-machined gimmicked key and titanium key ring. Learn step-by-step in 15 minutes of crystal-clear instruction by Jeff Prace in a downloadable video.