Predict the future twice with ease and accuracy.

You write a prediction and put it in your wallet for safekeeping. Then, a participant chooses a card in the fairest possible manner—eliminating cards until only one remains. They make decision after decision, and they can even change their mind at the last second. Despite all of that, your prediction is shown to be 100% accurate. And the kicker: you share a second prediction from your wallet—written the day prior—that perfectly predicts the name of their first kiss.

The Passenger Wallet is your secret assistant to classic “one ahead” methodology—unlocking the ability to show that one of the predictions was written long before the performance had started. Predict anything you can dream of—birthdays, names of loved ones, biggest fears. The possibilities are endless.

◘ Bonus peek and card-to-wallet features
◘ Ready in your pocket with a quick reset after each performance
◘ Multiple routines ready to go with a single setup
◘ 100% accurate predictions with no thumb or double writing

The Passenger Wallet builds on decades of work from iconic magicians such as Ed Brown, Dave Bendix, Ed Marlo, and Bob Cassidy. There are dozens—if not hundreds—of published routines that can be enhanced with the unique mechanics hidden inside this wallet.

Comes complete with hand-crafted leather wallet. Learn step-by-step in 30 minutes of crystal-clear instruction by Jeff Prace in a downloadable video.

Meet Our Tannery

Great leather wallets start with great leather, and we source ours from the renowned Alran Tannery in Tarn, France. This full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather will wear in instead of wearing out—over time, developing a look that is exclusively yours.

Meet Our Craftsman

Each wallet is hand-crafted by Maksym, a peaceful leather artisan from Ukraine—now living in Croatia. From the leather selection to the final finishing touches, every step of the process is approached with care and precision.

For All Your Storage Needs

The Passenger Wallet comfortably holds your ID, five credit cards, and several folded bills without interfering with its covert functionality. Or, replace some credit cards with your favorite packet tricks to magnify your everyday carry. It’s compact, minimal, and extremely magical.