A fashionable accessory that transforms an age-old mystery.

This gorgeous pendant houses an invisible mechanism for the century-old hidden gem: the Obedient Ball. Beautifully embossed with Escher-like impossibilities, it is self-contained and fully examinable. If you don’t know the secret, you won’t find it.

The pendant defies gravity and curiously suspends on the chain—all at your full control. At the end, the two pieces can be closely inspected both together and apart. Half puzzle and half magic, it can be presented as the sole performance piece or seamlessly joined with a longer ring-and-string routine.

◘ Self-working after you learn the secret
◘ Fully examinable at the beginning, middle, and end of the routine
◘ Completely self-contained—no parts are ever added or taken away
◘ Always prepared with no setup or reset

Comes complete with custom-manufactured pendant and steel chain. Learn step-by-step in 13 minutes of crystal-clear instruction by Ben Goldfein in a downloadable video.