A completely hands-off card force—without a deck of cards.

The "random card generator" is the same size as a single playing card and has every value and suit represented, each in its own perforated box. The back of the card is entirely red. It is given to a participant, and the performer does not touch it again.

The participant tears the card along the perforations and drops the 20 small pieces into a glass. To randomly generate a playing card, the pieces are shaken and then spilled onto the table. Ones that are facing down (red-side up) are eliminated. All face-up pieces are put back into the glass and the procedure is repeated until one value and one suit remain.

However, there is nothing random about this outcome. You will always end with the Seven of Diamonds—with 100% reliability. It is truly baffling.

◘ The performer never touches the card
◘ Sized to fit in most wallets or phone cases
◘ Easy to do—the card does all the work
◘ No extra pieces to add or ditch

Comes complete with 30 custom-printed cards. Learn step-by-step with illustrated instructions.